3-Port Circulator
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RF Spiral Inductor

NablaWorks Services

​​​Electromagnetics and Multiphysics
​Modeling and Simulation

NablaWorks simulation services are used by our clients to supplement research and development of new technologies and products. In particular, clients who lack sufficient electromagnetic expertise within their organizations find NablaWorks experience in electromagnetics complementary to their core competences.​

​NablaWorks offers different project structures in order to address the clients' particular needs. Our most common service is long-term support of R&D for new technologies and products. The terms of the service are very flexible and are designed to develop a partner relationship between NablaWorks and its clients which, in turn, enables us to better meet our clients' requirements and objectives.

​In addition to providing long-term support services, NablaWorks also takes on small projects with well-defined deliverables. Such projects are best suited for initial investigations of new ideas and concepts, and they usually involve less-complicated single-physics (only electromagnetic) problems.

Whether long-term or short-term, every project undertaken by NablaWorks is custom-tailored to meet our clients’ needs because our ultimate goal is to make you successful. You
​are invited to contact us and discuss how our expertise can
help you achieve your objectives.