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​​​Inductively-Coupled Plasma Reactor

NablaWorks provides modeling and simulation services to a broad base of clients spanning a wide range of applications. The applications encompass many electromagnetic regimes: electro- and magnetostatic problems, low- and high-frequency problems including optics, transient problems as well as problems involving various material effects such as nonlinearity, anisotropy, inhomogeneity. NablaWorks specializes in multiphysics problems that couple electromagnetics to other types of physics such as solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer.

​NablaWork's core expertise lies in the ability to combine the understanding of electromagnetics, coupled physics and numerical analysis in every project we undertake. The use of simulation software should be more than just pushing buttons on a black box. Every numerical model must accurately reflect corresponding physical reality, and in order to generate meaningful and accurate models it is imperative to understand both the physics of the problem and the numerical techniques that are used for simulations — NablaWorks understands and applies this critical requirement to every project.

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